My hometown of Chicago is a such a wonderful city! Even though I don't live there anymore, I try to visit as much as possible to see family and friends. Every time I go back I find more and more places worth exploring, food worth trying and drinks worth the toast. Chicago is definitely known for many things, good food being high on the list and some very fun summers. I love how much Chicago honors the small but formidable opportunities for good weather, as evidenced by how many places that have rooftops, patios and floor to ceiling windows that easily open and make you feel as if you really are outside. I love how easy it is to get around to every distinct little neighborhood via the train and quick uber rides. Chicago is really a great city to live in, despite the freezing temps, and as much as I joke about how happy I am to be out of the arctic I really do miss the strong sense of culture and pride Chicagoans have for their city and the very good people they tend to breed, obviously. So I am happy to share what I have found and will continue to update this guide as time goes by. Let me know if you have any recommendations I am missing. Enjoy!



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  1. The executive chef here was a genuinely nice person and never made us feel like we were just "business" for him. He was extremely competent and organized. Because of the natural beauty of the Los Angeles venues, we were able to get away with very minimal decorations.