Of all the crazy... new scenarios within the lat year, living out of boxes for 6 months, having no home before our wedding, finishing our condo remodel, etc; everything seems to pale in comparison with these last three weeks.  

If you've been following along on Instagram you might already know our new puppy Muffy was quarantined from her mother Pearl for two weeks following her three day stint in the hospital after contracting Parvo. More about that to come in a future post. 

Given there was absolutely no way for us to leave her alone, of course one of us had to take the sole responsibility for nursing her back to health and keeping her away from her mother Pearl, who despite being a year old and having finished her Parvo vaccines long ago, still needed to be kept away given how contagious the virus can be. 

So my amazing husband Arthur decided he would play doctor and keep the Muffster alive and well, isolating along with her in our master bedroom.

Thus, I spent two weeks with Pearl, able to go outside on walks and roam around the rest of our condo freely. The only hardship for me was preparing meals for myself and Arthur, which proved annoying but manageable, until the two weeks passed and we were all reunited once again. 

In Muffy and Arthur's honor, I attempted to make a cake, symbolizing their time spent together in isolation. 

We all had a laugh, until just three days later, I realized I had a full on cold. 

Per the recommendation from my doctor, we decided it would be best for me to self-isolate from Arthur and the two pups, to stop any potential spread, should I God forbid have contracted the very human virus, COVID-19. 

Apperently now the pups could possibly get it too. So once again, Arthur has been left with the task of doing everything I just did, but with two dogs, instead of one, and the possibly of me being sick with the virus of uncertainty. 

This is obviously not something to take lightly, but I have to admit. I'm not suffering.  

Making the most it, still continuing to work from home, with no fever, no shortness of breath, I am most certainly, by relative standards, doing very well. 

I've been sleeping in, reading magazines published months ago, catching up on emails and online shopping, all with absolutely no responsibilities aside from trying not to die of COVID-19, which I can't say with any certainly I have or don't have. 

This is hard time for us all, and my sharing is by no means meant to diminish the severity of what is happening to the world right now; whether sick or worried about getting sick, whether isolated or with family, whether suffering financially or braving it as an essential worker, my heart goes out to everyone as they navigate this brave new world. 

My genuine hope being that we can all weather this storm of uncertainty with lots of humility and maybe a little bit of humor. Making the most out of this horrible situation. 

I know for me, sharing on this blog really helps take some of the fear away, however, figuring out how to shoot remotely using a stack of pillows and chair without legs as a tripod, does not. 

All the very best, from my home to yours, let's get through this together. 


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