Adding edible flowers...will instantly up your cocktail game. I’ve always been one to base my drink choices, and basically all my choices, off aesthetics first. The only problem being that those cocktails tend to be most sugar ridden ones unfortunately. 

So at this point I just request my simple tequila and soda come with whatever garnish will best compliment my outfit. Sometimes candied fruit, muddled mint, grapefruit wedges; at the very least some limes! 

Well I’ve taken that to a whole new level now, at home.

Inspired by my friend Brooke, who brilliantly added colorful edible petals to her margs for an at home Mexican fiesta, news to me of course from her Instagram stories. I just couldn’t help think about my new floral sweater

The ones Brooke used I recognized from Gelson’s but knowing how variable getting exact items from grocery store delivery has been lately I attempted to find them another way.

Amazon, of course, came through. 

With quite a large assortment of dried, edible flowers, just ripe for sprinkling over my skinny margarita.

Given most of my supplies were still tucked away in a dusty stack of boxes I improvised of course with my golden pineapple. 

The recipe being quite simple, using agave instead of simple syrup, I typically just stick with fresh lime, sparkling water and Patron. 

Perhaps a little easier to sip with a straw, but completely safe to consume nonetheless.

Very simple, very beautiful. My mantra perhaps for life itself. 


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