I've been settling in at home... as I expect most of you are too, in this brave new world we now live in. And as much as I am overwhelmed with anxiety about what the future will bring, my at home to-do list still appears endless, keeping me sane as I enter full nesting mode. And now that we have a full working kitchen, two functioning bathrooms and wide open space, I am starting to search for the things that will add more comfort to our humble abode.

Fortunately for me, I am fully in the loop about where to find such things, from some of the small businesses I already know and love, like Weezie.

My obsession started on Instagram, as most do. But the attention to detail, color palettes and pristine monogramming was what ultimately won me over. So, when it was time to find a more than basic bridal party gift for my good friend Melissa, this plush robe with timeless light blue piping was high on my list. 

I have to admit, when it first arrived at my doorstep I seriously considered keeping it for myself, but luckily for my friend, her soon to be initials were effortlessly stitched with a perfect font and I was put right back in my place as number one gift giver. 

But don't fret, I recently received some lovely additions to my evening routine, the coziest set of makeup towels in my most loyal color. 

Now after several endless days of zoom meetings, happy hour FaceTimes and sorority sister  house tours on Google hangouts, it's finally time for pajamas, a glass of champs and a face cleanse to wash the long day of face to face screen time away. 

And it doesn't hurt that in addition to being snugly soft, they look pretty cute on my sink too, ensuring I never go another night's sleep without a soft scrub!

During this odd time, I've maintained a fairly consistent routine to separate the workday from evenings, mostly because of the new pups and Pearl's strict enforcement of her sunset walk. And it's the absolute best feeling to come back home, change into my jammies and wipe away the craziness of the world for the night. 

Even more so when there's a chilled glass of pink champs involved and a cuddle buddy, almost as plush as my Weezie.


{ this post was a collaboration between Weezie and Gisele Chic, all opinions are always my own and some items mentioned were gifted. }

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