To my sweet Pierre- bubba love, lover boy, the notorious P.I.G., 

Today would have been your 13th birthday. Daddy would have made you an organic, naturally sweetened treat. I would have given you a monogrammed gift you'd consider subpar. We all would have played in a park, ran on a beach and after ten whole minutes, schnugged in bed the rest of the day. 

If only you were still here with us. 

Of all the many emotions I feel right now, my strongest for you is absolute gratitude for being a small part of your big pig life. 

Meeting your dad was fate, but loving you was a privilege. You truly were the most beautiful baby pig and I cherish every moment I spent with you. 

You taught me how to love unconditionally, how to be loved unconditionally and master the delicate art of crumbology.  

But it wasn't just my heart that you captured, so many others were lucky to call you baby chunks, baby svin'ya, chunky monkey, señores and most notably: piggy. From college aged men, to California girls, Santa Monica tourists; your courageous licks and curiosity even won the heart of a woman quite skeptical of furry friends.  

You opened our hearts and eyes to all the possibilities, both in song, spirit and the  unexplored corners of Los Angeles. Your pursuit for new tastes, perhaps your greatest of passions.  

Loving you was always easy, letting you go is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. But I know a life like this one was precious and I pray that you lived most of your days with the upmost comfort, incredible purpose and all the love in this world and beyond. 

You truly were the love of my pig life and I'll never forget the special moments we shared and the enormous impact you had on my forever, Arthur. 

I may not have you in my arms anymore, but I'll never loose the memories we shared. 

May your cashmere wrapped, too beautiful for the general public, biscotti piggy body rest in peace forever my sweet, irreplaceable love. 


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