I'd imagine Spring cleaning... is really taking on a new meaning this year. With everyone cooped up inside, exploring the ignored spaces of our homes, I am certain cleaning up shop is a common trend right now. I'm just getting started in terms of unpacking boxes that have been sitting for almost a year in our guest bedroom, the same guest bedroom we lived in for some time amongst all our stuff we brought from our apartment. But given the bigger space I am still in search of some additional items and of course can't help take extra time to browse all the little additions to make all the difference at home. I'm particularly obsessing over scalloped edges, hence these photographs from Charleston last year, where I insisted on a photo op with the perfectly blue trimmed awnings. Therefore anything with a less than basic edge will make the list. And any ideas my husband just can't buy into I fully intend to pass along to my mother, who will be decorating her new home soon, very close to ours, an update I'm beyond ecstatic to share. I'm thinking of her new place as my girly getaway, where I can exist amongst florals, pastels and scalloped edges, without any modern masculine interruption! Full disclosure, my mother has not yet been privy to any of my vision boards yet, but let's assume all my great taste comes directly from her. Xx. 


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