Spring, you've saved me... While we all suffer the uncertainty of the world, at least we have you to keep our spirits lifted. I hope everyone has found something as small but powerful right now to look forward too; mine being cute, yet functional walking ensembles for the highlight of my day. 

This season hasn’t started off so great but I’m still hopeful there’s room for meaningful growth and opportunities. The first one being, a chance to remember what’s really important in life, which for me is family, friends and the constant search for beauty in the world, even in the most devastating of times. And without sounding too preachy, I’ve realized there are essentially two options when life happens: to fight it or to live it. And at this time, I’m really trying hard to live it, to withstand it with grace. I don’t always succeed and I’m not attempting stoicism, but I am doing my best in this new routine. 

Moving my body and keeping an hourly schedule are two really important things I try to do daily, but I’ll admit, is challenging at home. It’s so hard to resist sleeping in one more hour or getting one more extra non-related work task done within the hours of nine to five, but it’s not impossible. 

But perhaps the one most consistent practice I’ve managed to keep to is our daily sunset walk. It’s not always easy to stop working in time, but I try to commit to at least an hour before the sun goes down, even if it means working later hours when I get back. I just love how it separates my day and evening, a practice I used to take for granted during my drives home from the office.

Since our kitchen is extremely close to being complete, my husband is eager to cook at home rather than ordering in, but I’ve managed to somehow get frequent deliveries from The Big Chill past him with their daily dairy free options and delicious vegan cookie dough; birthday cake goes quite well with my favorite peanut butter flavor, just FYI. 

It’s all about the small things now, right? 


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