To my sweet Pierre- bubba love, lover boy, the notorious P.I.G., 

Today would have been your 13th birthday. Daddy would have made you an organic, naturally sweetened treat. I would have given you a monogrammed gift you'd consider subpar. We all would have played in a park, ran on a beach and after ten whole minutes, schnugged in bed the rest of the day. 

If only you were still here with us. 

Of all the many emotions I feel right now, my strongest for you is absolute gratitude for being a small part of your big pig life. 

Meeting your dad was fate, but loving you was a privilege. You truly were the most beautiful baby pig and I cherish every moment I spent with you. 

You taught me how to love unconditionally, how to be loved unconditionally and master the delicate art of crumbology.  

But it wasn't just my heart that you captured, so many others were lucky to call you baby chunks, baby svin'ya, chunky monkey, seƱores and most notably: piggy. From college aged men, to California girls, Santa Monica tourists; your courageous licks and curiosity even won the heart of a woman quite skeptical of furry friends.  

You opened our hearts and eyes to all the possibilities, both in song, spirit and the  unexplored corners of Los Angeles. Your pursuit for new tastes, perhaps your greatest of passions.  

Loving you was always easy, letting you go is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. But I know a life like this one was precious and I pray that you lived most of your days with the upmost comfort, incredible purpose and all the love in this world and beyond. 

You truly were the love of my pig life and I'll never forget the special moments we shared and the enormous impact you had on my forever, Arthur. 

I may not have you in my arms anymore, but I'll never loose the memories we shared. 

May your cashmere wrapped, too beautiful for the general public, biscotti piggy body rest in peace forever my sweet, irreplaceable love. 



Puff, puff, please don't pass... these sleeves away! I've been obsessed with an exaggerated detail since the beginning of time, whether a bow, a ruffle or giant shoulder sleeve, it's always upped the style the ante for me. I still remember several outfits in college with a structured shoulder that was controversial amongst my sorority sisters, comparing me to Lady Gaga, a compliment to me nonetheless. But when the puff  started to reemerge in magazines and retail over the last several years I immediately hopped back on the bandwagon and bought up as many voluminous pieces I could find. The result was spectacular festivity at all time and I have absolutely no plans to ever let this trend go, no matter what my husband thinks! Enjoy, Xx.



I've been settling in at home... as I expect most of you are too, in this brave new world we now live in. And as much as I am overwhelmed with anxiety about what the future will bring, my at home to-do list still appears endless, keeping me sane as I enter full nesting mode. And now that we have a full working kitchen, two functioning bathrooms and wide open space, I am starting to search for the things that will add more comfort to our humble abode.

Fortunately for me, I am fully in the loop about where to find such things, from some of the small businesses I already know and love, like Weezie.

My obsession started on Instagram, as most do. But the attention to detail, color palettes and pristine monogramming was what ultimately won me over. So, when it was time to find a more than basic bridal party gift for my good friend Melissa, this plush robe with timeless light blue piping was high on my list. 

I have to admit, when it first arrived at my doorstep I seriously considered keeping it for myself, but luckily for my friend, her soon to be initials were effortlessly stitched with a perfect font and I was put right back in my place as number one gift giver. 

But don't fret, I recently received some lovely additions to my evening routine, the coziest set of makeup towels in my most loyal color. 

Now after several endless days of zoom meetings, happy hour FaceTimes and sorority sister  house tours on Google hangouts, it's finally time for pajamas, a glass of champs and a face cleanse to wash the long day of face to face screen time away. 

And it doesn't hurt that in addition to being snugly soft, they look pretty cute on my sink too, ensuring I never go another night's sleep without a soft scrub!

During this odd time, I've maintained a fairly consistent routine to separate the workday from evenings, mostly because of the new pups and Pearl's strict enforcement of her sunset walk. And it's the absolute best feeling to come back home, change into my jammies and wipe away the craziness of the world for the night. 

Even more so when there's a chilled glass of pink champs involved and a cuddle buddy, almost as plush as my Weezie.


{ this post was a collaboration between Weezie and Gisele Chic, all opinions are always my own and some items mentioned were gifted. }


I'd imagine Spring cleaning... is really taking on a new meaning this year. With everyone cooped up inside, exploring the ignored spaces of our homes, I am certain cleaning up shop is a common trend right now. I'm just getting started in terms of unpacking boxes that have been sitting for almost a year in our guest bedroom, the same guest bedroom we lived in for some time amongst all our stuff we brought from our apartment. But given the bigger space I am still in search of some additional items and of course can't help take extra time to browse all the little additions to make all the difference at home. I'm particularly obsessing over scalloped edges, hence these photographs from Charleston last year, where I insisted on a photo op with the perfectly blue trimmed awnings. Therefore anything with a less than basic edge will make the list. And any ideas my husband just can't buy into I fully intend to pass along to my mother, who will be decorating her new home soon, very close to ours, an update I'm beyond ecstatic to share. I'm thinking of her new place as my girly getaway, where I can exist amongst florals, pastels and scalloped edges, without any modern masculine interruption! Full disclosure, my mother has not yet been privy to any of my vision boards yet, but let's assume all my great taste comes directly from her. Xx. 



Spring, you've saved me... While we all suffer the uncertainty of the world, at least we have you to keep our spirits lifted. I hope everyone has found something as small but powerful right now to look forward too; mine being cute, yet functional walking ensembles for the highlight of my day. 

This season hasn’t started off so great but I’m still hopeful there’s room for meaningful growth and opportunities. The first one being, a chance to remember what’s really important in life, which for me is family, friends and the constant search for beauty in the world, even in the most devastating of times. And without sounding too preachy, I’ve realized there are essentially two options when life happens: to fight it or to live it. And at this time, I’m really trying hard to live it, to withstand it with grace. I don’t always succeed and I’m not attempting stoicism, but I am doing my best in this new routine. 

Moving my body and keeping an hourly schedule are two really important things I try to do daily, but I’ll admit, is challenging at home. It’s so hard to resist sleeping in one more hour or getting one more extra non-related work task done within the hours of nine to five, but it’s not impossible. 

But perhaps the one most consistent practice I’ve managed to keep to is our daily sunset walk. It’s not always easy to stop working in time, but I try to commit to at least an hour before the sun goes down, even if it means working later hours when I get back. I just love how it separates my day and evening, a practice I used to take for granted during my drives home from the office.

Since our kitchen is extremely close to being complete, my husband is eager to cook at home rather than ordering in, but I’ve managed to somehow get frequent deliveries from The Big Chill past him with their daily dairy free options and delicious vegan cookie dough; birthday cake goes quite well with my favorite peanut butter flavor, just FYI. 

It’s all about the small things now, right?