{ bag via Zara } 

Dear March, you'e kinda the worst... What the hell, you have always been so great. You've blessed us with longer days, pinker sunsets, romance. Excitement about the change in weather, in people, in opportunities. You have always, without a doubt, given me hope. Optimism. The beauty of what's unknown. This year you presented me with loss, you presented uncertainty, utter chaos. If I were my own therapist, of course I'd reframe it. When life presents, you say thank you. But I am not fully there yet, and I think that's okay. I know we will survive this, I know we will be okay, but right now I know I need to let myself feel it all, find a way to withstand it and I hope you do too. Slowly, non-linearly, we will find hope again, we will figure this all out. We will maybe even say thank you, one day. Until then, my plan is to continue, the best way I know how. To create, write, to share. To bask in lovely images, people and things. To find a way to fall back in love with March, to get back my Spring fling. How will you? 



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