After my big adventure... mastering the mountain on skis, a day of relaxation and respite was most certainly in order. Fortunately, I wasn't the only bunny hill member from our group and found two other ladies with the same agenda for this winter weekend. So we crafted a relaxing itinerary off the mountain, one that involved just the same, if not more, scenic views of this quaint little ski town in Steamboat Springs. 

We started out morning off with a visit to the Steamboat Grand for an athletic massage to work our post snow-sport bodies back into shape. I woke up the next day surprised I had absolutely no sore muscles, even more convinced that I love the leisure filled mountain life. The Steamboat Grand Hotel was super close to our rental home and about a minute ride via the Steamboat shuttle service, which will take you wherever you'd like to go. This place is heaven. 

The spa didn't have many amenities but massage was great and reasonably priced compared to most hotel spa menus. After our rub downs, we headed back home to change into our swimsuits, grab the most beloved bag of cheez-its and drove out to our next relaxing destination, Strawberry Hot Springs.


This is the type of place that does live up to its hype. It's not fancy by any means; there's no towel service, snack bar or chair reservations. But it's much more charming than I had originally assumed it would be, with a very cozy changing cabin with a rustic furnace. It's family friendly and you can bring a picnic and towel to keep warm. Unfortunately no alcoholic beverages are allowed, but we managed to sneak in a little treat. I was so worried about my feet freezing that I wore my Ugg boots with my bikini, but being barefoot ended up being totally fine. 

Most of the pools were varying degrees of warmth, but perhaps the largest, most scenic one was not. I wouldn't call it ice cold, but it was a shock to the system. However, it was somewhat refreshing after a long soak in high temps. It was also the best photo opportunity, an easy sell for moi.

And so we fully embraced the warm and absolutely picturesque setting, sipping some secret sprits and munching of course on the most delicious white cheddar cheez-its that instantly became the most coveted snack in the house. After changing into warmer clothes, we headed back into Steamboat's charming little downtown for some more snacks al fresco. 

I ordered my official drink of the trip, a coffee with Baileys and whip cream on top. It's a wonderful afternoon cocktail, filled with warmth, a little energy boost and spirits all in one. And the pimento cheese dip didn't hurt either, my only wish is that there was more of it to go around! Afterwards we headed back to our cozy little townhome to join the rest of the group, refreshed, relaxed and well served.

Of course when we arrived back home I couldn't resist another soak in the hot tub with my love, after all, it's exhausting to relax. 


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