My favorite holiday is here... the little pinch of pink we all need in the dead of winter, the first holiday following the bustling holiday season, when everyone seems to need an extra reason to venture out of the post January slump. Living under the Los Angeles sunshine the last 9 years has made the transition into Spring much easier given the bright and sunny days. Yet, I still tend to feel the effects of the holiday hangover. Less people are out and about, the mornings move slower, workouts seem heavier and harder. It's perhaps a universal feeling of recovery from excitement, mellow and stable; boring and uneventful. Until, alas, Valentine's Day!

And even if there isn't a significant other currently in your life, who may have two legs or four, there's always a reason to celebrate love... with cheese or chocolates, or pink tweed. 

Whatever is key to your loved one's heart is the way to go. For me, it's definitely a night in with pizza and pink champagne, brie as an appetizer, chocolate or something sweet at the end. A nice, handwritten card, flowers that I tend to buy myself given how picky I am... But if you want to go all out, I've been known to step it up a notch, whether a sunset beach picnic, glamorous breakfast in bed, or a full on Galentine's Day soirée

And as silly as Valentine’s Day gift giving might seem to you, I’ve never been shy to find any reason to express my love to a significant other, friend, sister, frenchie... 


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