It all started with one perfect plate... and here we are. I will be honest, I wasn't planning to create any Valentine's Day spreads this year, despite my love for the holiday, and color schemes. However, after finding these perfect shell inspired, purplish-pink, eco plates I just couldn't resist the urge to build an entire setup around this color scheme. And so I decided I would turn our incomplete, mid-renovation kitchen into a little romantic table for two as a little surprise for my now forever valentine. And since Pierre isn't allowed in our undone kitchen, I invited my new husband instead! But I did make sure our little piggy got something festive too, hence the stuffed pink swan he spent most of the night holding by the neck, that prior to then fit very well into my little pink plan. 

Aside from the plates, my next set of thematic inspiration came from the extravagant Valentine's Day restaurant decor from the Sex and The City movie, where Miranda told Carrie about her comment to Mr. Big about marriage. If you have no idea what I am referring to, they basically filled the place with an abundance of over the top decorations, including balloons, their accompanying ribbons framing the ladies' faces as they commiserated over being single. So I did my best to recreate it on a much smaller scale, to add a little bit of frivolity and warmth to our otherwise empty, cold and open space. And while we are on the subject of balloons, I have finally learned a very valuable lesson which is to use a trash bag to contain the balloons, making them easier for transport! Life changing, I know. 

Despite scouring the internet for a similar hued tablecloth with a design I could fall in love with, I decided to just go straight to the source, the fabric store. I found this amazing ditsy floral, pastel-shaded, purple-pink print and loved how well it complimented the muted colored plates. From there, all other pink shades felt like welcomed pops of color and it really set a wonderful tone for the table. I think Joann's Fabric is going to become my new tablecloth provider given my love for fun and colorful prints! It's also way more cost effective, especially if, like me, you enjoy a rotation of dinner party themes. 

Now, to the real important items according to my special guest; the snacks. In the last couple of months my husband has been weeding out animal products from his diet and fortunately I have found the best bakery for vegan desserts nearby at Erin McKenna's Bakery. I am obsessed with their selection, particularly the coffee cake! Given Arthur's addiction love for sweets, I made out like a bandit at this place and went a little crazy grabbing a donut, cupcake, cinnamon roll, coffee cake, tiramisu and the most perfect heart shaped sugar cookie ready to break right down the middle! Additionally, I added some other yummy snacks, like an almond jalapeño cheese we love, pretzel challah, an almond chive cream cheese dip, samosas and vegetable rolls. Of course a plant based pizza was on the menu and when I called Whole Foods to order it, I was pleasantly surprised the man said "yes, I can try" in response to my request for a heart shape! I did a little research and it seems like a lot of pizza places offer this, especially around Valentines's Day, so go for it!

The rest of my decor scheme included a few festive items like glitter heart shaped picks to push into the desserts, pastel candy hearts sprinkled across the table, a little mini candlelight and a pink swan beanie baby for our little piggy to have some fun with. I didn't go crazy with flowers but added some violet spray roses to my mini blue chinoiserie vase and my vintage Wedgwood trinket box to add a smidge of color contrast to my spread. And I can confidently say my little surprise setup was very well received by both my Valentines this year. Enjoy, Xx. 


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