I started seeing hints... of these overtly glam and glitzy ensembles on Instagram here and there and when I finally chose to hit “save” and start an appropriately titled “FASHUN” collection, I realized who was sparking a glittery light in my often conservative styled heart. MACH & MACH, you know my glam fashion soul and I’m sure your deliriously dreamy pieces are touching the hearts of many others too. Their works embody many delicate and simple silhouettes but perhaps the most head turning seem to be those meshy, sparkly, flowey, (albeit see-though) pants

I’ll admit, my style aesthetic tends to lean rich old lady who’s idea of fun typically involves color. But then there are these moments of upmost glam that I simply cannot resist, and yes it extends past NYE. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of pants, especially ones without skintight structure, so this newfound excitement for a transparent, wide legged pant was quite unexpected...

Then I realized pretty quickly it was the blazer that got me; it always does. The structure of well tailored blazer was what solidified my interested in this look. So of course in true Monica fashion (pun surprisingly not intended) I made my edits.

I decided that as much confidence as I had, wearing big loose pants was too big a leap for me so fortunately I found this high cut maxi coverup as a nice little stepping stone towards full on, give no f***s fashionista. From the start I knew I’d opt for a white or pastel colored blazer but it needed to hit just right to pull this whole thing off.

Did I mention I also found the absolute perfect event for which to wear this to? My dear friend Samantha’s birthday dinner was my ticket to fabulous given her big and unapologetic love for all things glamorous. In fact I was so excited to see her reaction that I made her wait until that night before sharing any details. As expected, she cried with joy— KIDDING! But yes, I got the seal of approval from my undeniably, most fashion forward friend. 

Looking back I wish I had more evening shots to accentuate the sparkle, but I did have quite a good time using the Kira Kira app in the bathroom at Delilah's (which I shared on Instagram) a fun hotspot in West Hollywood where we celebrated our girl. My outfit definitely spiced up my night, making me feel extra cool amongst the very fashionable crowd. Several people told me I looked like Jackie Kennedy that evening, which I found odd given how outside the box this look was for me, but perhaps the headband and pale blue blazer combo sealed the deal? 

We ended the night dancing disco at Sunset at Edition, which I must say, really complimented my look given the surplus of shiny disco balls spinning on the ceiling while various lights darted around the dance floor to the beat. Overall, it was a perfect outfit for a fun night with my girlfriends and fulfilled some of my more fashion forward aspirations! Xx. 


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