I am admittedly a terrible skier... but I am trying to get better and heading again to the slopes in Steamboat Springs. Unlike the last ski trip I went on, I enrolled myself in a formal lesson, so that my now husband doesn't have to deal with another Monica meltdown on the mountain. Let's all hope the instructor has just as much patience as Arthur did as I allowed fear and self-doubt to overwhelm my excitement around skiing. But before I report back on my next big attempt, let's focus on what really matters; what I'm planning to wear. Enjoy. 


THE SLOPES: Right now the idea of swishing down fresh snow is exhilarating to dream about, but given I haven't yet mastered some of the basics I know this next ski adventure will be daunting, frustrating and hopefully somewhat successful. But before I master the mountain I need a great outfit I can channel my inner Olympian in. And finding one proved quite a challenge to be honest. Every major retail skiwear shop I have frequented (won't name names) has unfortunately disappointed all my hill traversing dreams with pills of shapeless, baggy pants and unfortunate color patterns I just can't bear. I was in dire need of some functional and fashion forward ski pants given how much I still love my jacket from two years ago. Fortunately, I found a great pair at a decent price point that are super comfortable and flattering. They are high waisted, which is great for someone like me who falls a lot and has a coat with a higher cut. Mine isn't belted, but it's on my list for next time, just another great way to add a little style in a sea of bulky, ill-fitted options most major retailers offer. 

But of course our skiwear options are only a minute detail compared to the party outfit you'll want for a little aprés action at the bottom of the hill! And for someone with such poor ski skills as myself, making it down the mountain in one piece, sans tears deserves a little celebration. Pray for me and my back please. So if you're planning to actually ski before you aprés, wearing a chic, warm sweater underneath your coat is the best option. Luckily I found this cozy and well fitted Aprés Ski adorned sweater, but in case it sells out I linked some more options here below. 


AROUND SKI TOWN: For the less ski-full (see what I did there), a relaxing day in town is an absolute must. Especially for those of us likely to have taken a few tumbles down the mountain or used muscles we didn't know existed; an extended stay in a hot springs or hotel spa is just what the body needs. And just as you'd expect, Steamboat Springs is known for their natural hot springs, which I fully intend on soaking away in all afternoon!


FINDING WARMTH: Whether you spend your nights at the house, hotel or buzzy spot in town, I like to have options for it all. Cute sweats and a sweater for games and random  dance parties in the living room are perfection. Or fun pants and a plush knitwear for dinner and fireside drinks out. Considering all the layers you need for cold weather dressing I love to mix patterns and fabrics in neutral tones to keep everything consistent, or anything that makes me feel like I'm in a Ralph Lauren country home ad campaign! 


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