Los Angeles has been fairly dreary... lately and I will admit, it's starting to wear on me. As much as I love an opportunity to wear all my sweaters, eat loads of soup and stay cozy inside, the 44 degree lows are starting to become annoying, most likely because my office building's heat has been dysfunctional the last couple weeks and our the only livable suite in our unfinished home is warmed only by a meek, albeit diligent, space heater. And now that the holidays are over and it’s back to real life I am very much ready for a little preview of summer. Aren't you? 

Fortunately, my sorority sister chose a warm destination for her wedding and I am more than ready to get some legitimate sunshine and humidity by the beach with dear friends! For any newly engaged couples or people planning big birthday celebrations, a destination celebration is almost always preferred in my book. Even though I am a hypocrite, traveling for the event is a nice way to spend quality with people and make great memories for everyone. 

So we're headed to Mexico, however, this content was all shot here in lovely Los Angeles, a considerably warm and breezy destination for many and of course one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. Having not grown up on the west coast I have learned to fully appreciate the Spanish architecture and influences. The palm trees, the ornate tile, wrought iron details. I am especially in love with how many homes and buildings here tend to be a perfect shade of pale pink, like The Beverly Hills Hotel and nearby Hotel Bel-Air, and many others spread out around the city.

Some of the places we shot at are just apartment buildings in Santa Monica and two nearby hotels, Oceana and Palihouse. Both that I would highly recommend checking out if you're planning a visit. But of course these details aren't limited to just the westside, they are everywhere that hasn't been torn down and replaced with a big glass box, like The Nomad Hotel downtown. Let's pray the history never fully leaves us. These glorious architectural details weren't common in Chicago, so they alway reminded me of vacation. Living here as a transplant is sort of like living RESORT everyday. The linen shirts, big sunglasses, stripes and loose flowing dresses still exist even with recent lows of 43 degrees at night, hence my excitement heading down south of the border.  

But for anyone who's not traveling anywhere warm before Spring arrives, let this guide excite you for what's hopefully soon to come. Umbrella drinks and sunshine! Enjoy! Xx. 


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