It's been a while... Since my last cheese plate, which is crazy given it's the one and only culinary contribution I feel confident about feeding other people! But given the recent circumstances such as my wedding detox this summer and the simple fact that I haven't had a kitchen since August, let alone a finished space to host friends, perhaps it's not that surprising. So as you'd expect I was quite excited to create something festive and yummy as my contribution for a holiday potluck and this was the final result! Enjoy!

As always, I started with three different cheeses and build the rest around them. To make it festive, I started with a cranberry infused hard cheese and fromager d'Affinois with garlic and herb, which worked perfectly because they checked my salty vs sweet and hard vs soft variety I like to have on every cheese plate I make. I added the Irish cheddar, cut in small cubes as a safety net for anyone scared of messing up the plate or looking for a more approachable, easy grab.


My other cheese plate staple, raw honeycomb, which is fully edible by the way, stayed relatively still with my border of rosemary garnish. Rosemary is perhaps the easiest of all garnishes to find and add to any dish to make it instantly more festive! Same with the cinnamon sticks and faux cranberry garnish, super easy additions to dress up anything you make! Other accoutrements I used were candied pecans, blackberries and figs. As for crackers, I went with some classic breadsticks and my favorite thin and perfectly salted crackers I always end up with at the store. 


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