IT'S HERE... I know we say this every year, but how did time fly so fast?! It's December and as excited as I am about the full on holiday festivities, I am also getting more and more anxious about our condo remodel getting finished. It's this weather (50 degrees in LA) and season that makes me crave the coziness of a warm, and at this point, just completely finished, home. Aside from living in absolute chaos, the most difficult part of the build has been our separation from our little frenchie Pierre, who unfortunately we haven't been able to be primary caregivers to since August. Turns out that dust, nails and unfinished flooring is unsuitable for our Piggy and so he's been having a fun time with his dotting grandparents, while we regularly have full on, 30 minute conversations about how much we miss him and what he really thinks about the change. One particularly heartbreaking theory I have come up during a self-induced worry session, is that I stole his father away after the wedding, which would absolutely kill me if Piggy really thought that! Hopefully he's too consumed with finding crumbs, flirting with the hard-to-get, English Bulldog neighbor and when his next home cooked cod dinner is. On that note, I hope you are all able to snap into a cozy situation more comfortably than me and keep sane during this frenzy of holiday crazy! If you haven't read my #HOLIDAZED post, I highly recommend. Anyone else excited for the third season of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?? 



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