There are few things I love more... than a cozy sweater, a good book, a vanilla almond milk latte. The cold weather (meaning 65 degrees or less in LA) has me in frenzy with all the things I get to do in order to feel warm. Eating ramen, watching The Holiday, taking a bubble bath and of course wearing one of my many warm sweaters- a privilege really. So it's not surprising that I would spend endless amounts time searching and scouring the internet and shops for essentially the same thing: the perfect sweater. Which for me requires good structure, soft fabric and typically a shorter length, since I am shorter and the cropped sweaters tend to look a little less overwhelming on me. But I also love things oversized so tucking in is always a great option. Regardless, I have rounded up a bunch of options in every price point to check out. So whether it's already snowing where you live or your love of sweaters requires strong air conditioning and iced coffee, here are the winners in my book. Enjoy!

{photography via Elena Cuellar}

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