Well I think we all know... this post isn't going to magically create piles of changing leaves or perfect sweater weather, however, it will allow those of us who crave the excitement of October to bask in the fun. I have now lived in Los Angeles for seven years and each time September rolls around I am the first one to order a pumpkin spiced latte (with the least amount of sugar possible) and buy pumpkins for the home. 

1. Apple Picking

The farm we went to is quite the drive (about 1.5-2 hours from west LA) but totally worth making a day trip out of for some prime apple picking and a country-like atmosphere. They have a restaurant you can visit, however, I decided to bring a basket full of picnic ready goods. (More to come on this soon in another full post). It was a great day and even though the fall foliage hadn't fully arrived yet, I am fairly certain it will in a few weeks, making for a nice opportunity legitimately experience the season! In addition to the barbecue restaurant, the farm also has a lovely bakery with both sweet and savory pies and a quaint beer garden. I was also pleasantly surprised to see in addition to several apple orchards, they also have raspberries, blackberries and pears you can pick. They have a hay adorned tracker ride to take you from one end to the other and plenty of fun activities like archery, candle making and blacksmith, in addition to goats and sheep you can feed. It's a big place and I highly recommend a visit with or without children!  

2. Host a Gilmore Girls Party

Yes, I've done this and it was awesome as expected. It was more of a "fall themed" party than straight Gilmore Girls but I did have the first season playing on my television the entire time on silent, just to help set the tone for everyone. I made a harvest like punch that's delicious and easy and everyone brought some type of fall treat or dish to share. Of course, I also had an autumn themed cheese plate (one here and another one here), because why not. 

3. Harry Potter World 

I need to do a full blog post on this place soon as I have now been here twice! I haven't been to the one in Orlando which I know is better, but I did have a really great time both visits and it definitely made me crave a fall/winter situation in the English countryside, as most things do. Harry Potter just inspires this wonderful feeling in me of the seasons changing, probably because when I read the books and saw the movies it was most likely around Thanksgiving or snowing outside. Still, I think for most people the weather and holidays are insinuated in the music and theme of this magical little place. So whether you have children or not my recommendation is to go check it out, I promise a full post coming soon. 

4. Pumpkin Patches

This is one of the easiest ways to get into the Fall spirit and even if it might seem a little cheesy I have had a great time going as an adult sans children! Especially considering how much more some of the location have to do beyond pumpkin picking. I would ideally like to find one with an adult maze but haven't gotten around to it just yet! I won't list any particular ones in the LA area because I haven't done enough research but there are a lot of options out there, most of which that have more than just pumpkins. Hopefully next year I will have a full report!

5. DIY Chinoiserie Pumpkins 

If you are a ginger jar lover like me you will understand the need to paint your pumpkins blue and white. If not, please skip this one. I have been doing this the last couple years and I just can't get past how genius the idea is! What a perfect decor item, especially if you're like me and don't care too much for orange (unless it's a box from Herm├Ęs which I'm totally here for btw). Either way, painting your pumpkins blue and white is just overall a very fun and beautiful way to get into the spirit. Last year I actually painted on plastic pumpkins so I could have them for years to come, especially considering how chic a decor item they are for September and October. 

6. Gardens with Fall Foliage 

Yes, there are actual trees with leaves that change color in Southern California, despite what most people think. Two places that I love are Descanso Gardens and The Huntington Gardens. They are both very close to Pasadena, which has always reminded me of Chicago and the east coast. I recommend spending a day there and maybe exploring downtown Pasadena after; a few places I love in that area are Julianne's, Lavender & Honey and Saladang's. If you make it to the Huntington Gardens, make sure you stop for some bomb spring rolls!


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