Back to life, back to reality... Well it's September and I am beyond excited to jump back into a routine at home, ready to fully engage in my annual attempt to find Fall in Los Angeles. As much as I love summer, this one was A LOT, to say the least. If you haven't been paying attention I have done it all this summer: planned a wedding, moved into an unfinished condo, turned 30, got married, left the country for two weeks, welcomed my in-laws to their new home in Los Angeles; I could continue but I don't want to complain because it's all great stuff...

The bottom line, I am so happy it is September! I absolutely love this time of year when we go back to work, back to school, back to the comfort that lies in the routine of structure and sameness. The excitement and anticipation of change juxtaposed against the comfort of the holidays. Last month involved so much doing and I would like this month to really be about restoring. Restoring my energy, relationships, creativity. I am looking forward to a bit of relaxing, blogging about everything, eating carbs again, and my annual re-watch of Gilmore Girls to get into the Fall spirit.

This month I will hopefully get to sharing my wedding; it was honestly the best day yet and I can't wait to re-live the day on Gisele Chic. I am beyond excited to head to Palm Springs for a bachelorette party weekend by the pool and spend some quality time with friends celebrating our bride-to-be. I also can't wait to get back into a movie theater by myself to see The Goldfinch (once I finish reading it) and The Downton Abbey movie coming out this month!! But at the very top of my list is just getting back to the grind, quite literally I want to be coffee in hand, and get to work in a cozy sweater with the air-conditioner on and my inspiration running endlessly. Blogging, working, creating are the things that continuously drive me and I am excited to get back to just that. Hope you are all feeling a bit refreshed from summer, ready for the excitement of whatever's next. 

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