It's officially the first day of Fall... and per usual, I couldn't be more excited. And even if the leaves haven't started changing yet, I am alive and ready for what's to come. I love the idea of something new wrapped into something familiar. It's exciting and comfortable all at the same time. And while Los Angeles might not see the biggest shift in colors each season, we do have plenty of exciting ways to get into the autumn spirit. One of which, being my attempt at finding Fall in Los Angeles, coming in an upcoming post here on Gisele Chic. But aside from the high temperatures that seem to last longer and longer each September, October, etc., daylight saving still happens on the west coast, making us all feel the difference, allowing soup lovers like myself to eat ramen at 7pm in a sweater. I have this particular fascination with how people who grew up in places with more definite seasons adjust to living in predominantly warmer climates. For me it's made me appreciate my trips to the east coast and midwest much more. It's also made me crave adventures in the snow, something I never thought about growing up making snowmen in Chicago. Now more than ever, I really appreciate each season and this one in particular as it's the appetizer to the holidays. But for now, let's just start here, with some snapshots of all the wonderful things that make this time of year special, even if people like me have to travel far to get them. Enjoy. 


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