We loved Syros so much... so of course I needed yet another post about this magical island. We didn't have much time here to explore but our last morning  here captured my favorite part of all, the beautiful sunrise at the very tip top city in Syros, before we took off for the next island. 

As I have mentioned before, most islands in Greece have small, historical city centers at the very highest point, likely created to protect them from invaders. This one on Syros is called Ano Syros and was built by the Venecians, after Ermoupoli, the main city I covered in my first post on Syros. Unfortunately since we there so early, nothing was really open, however, the light was beautiful, bringing out the very best from all the pretty pastel hues of the city's architecture. 

So we just walked up and down, taking in the beautiful view, gazing from one pink shaded building to another. It was a really nice way to start the day given the long sailing schedule we had ahead of us our way to Kythnos. It would have been nice to sit with a coffee at a quint cafe here, however, it was way too early for the locals to be up themselves, let alone make coffee for tourists. 


But don't fret, we found our usual frappĂ©s shortly after getting a taxi to take us back down to the port, where tourism was alive and well. We split a giant croissant and head back to the boat while Arthur strongly considered purchasing a frappĂ© machine.

And I said my final goodbyes to the coastline of my dreams, magically shaded in rose gold by the sun, feeling like a princess in my glamorous maxi dress (from Poshmark, similar ones linked). It was quite the send off, let me tell you. 


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