Well this little wardrobe has served me well... Before living with my fiancé I had a tiny closet in my Brentwood apartment but I removed the door so all my color coded clothing, carefully arranged shoe racks and handbags on the top shelf could show through. I think whatever size closet you have there is a way to make it both functional and pretty, emphasis however on pretty. And this one has been great, despite the fact that I still needed to borrow some extra room from Arthur for my coats, and yes I wear all my coats in Los Angeles in case you were wondering. Next closet has yet to be built but I am hoping to have everything in one place! 

Now I am by no means an expert at closet organization but here are some extremely basic things I did to make this all come together. I changed everything for the pictures, so this is only the right side of the closet, which has mirror sliding doors covering the left side, where there is more room for hanging clothes (thankfully)

All together I arranged every piece of clothing by color category, with my favorite colors more visible. This differs for everyone but my biggest color categories are navy, blue, pink, white/cream. Arrange it however you like so that it shows off the colors you like to see and wear most. After color, I arranged by sleeve length, ensuring each sleeve shows next to its neighbor so every item has a fighting chance. These two things will make a huge difference in how organized your closet looks.

Some other tips; the shelving was too deep to show off all my shoes and since I just happen to have lots of pretty covered novels (yes, I judge my books by their covers) I decided to line the back of the shelves with them (also color coded) behind my most beloved footwear. Small handbags are arranged by color and size in three rows and my mini straw bag contains all my sold scarves. For anyone wondering, my "pink champs" mini straw bag was a custom order from here

Aside from my pearl earrings and engagement ring, I only wear and purchase costume jewelry. And as you already should know, I absolutely DIE FOR a fun statement earring; the more absurd, the better! From pineapples, to giant tassels, flowers and palm leaves, the more specific the better! Same goes for necklaces, which I'll admit I used to be way more obsessed with- like Olivia Palermo on The City hello- with this irreplaceable pearl statement necklace being my most prized possession of them all. I purchased it almost 12 years ago at the tiny Aldo accessories store in Chicago's Woodfield Mall. Not a huge fan of Aldo shoes, but I have always found the most amazing pieces of costume jewelry there and they have since continued to create similar versions of this bib necklace. Unfortunately the original is no longer available but I linked similar ones below. 

Like a lot of my wardrobe, my bags are mostly vintage from consignment stores, Etsy or Poshmark (which if you aren't using, please start now, you're welcome). What I like about Poshmark is that it saves your recent searches, for example, "mini pearl bag" so that you can continue to easily search the same criteria every time you reopen the app and hopefully find what you want within a few days. I happen to be very specific with what I am looking for or creating in my mind so that tends to work well for me. For everyone else, thank goodness you have me to find inspiration for you! 

Like I mentioned earlier, my clothes are from a lot of different places, many of which are consignment stores, Poshmark, Zara and Forever 21. Yes, I shop there, and I will stop shopping there once they stop making gorgeous things. Despite my obsession with embellishments and details, the majority of what I wear are very comfortable basics like striped shirts, cashmere sweaters, jeans and silky blouses. When I go out I like to get a little more detailed with some frills, ruffles and bows, but no matter what I will always crave a cozy sweater. I also have started notable collection of little white dresses, a consistent staple for me year round! I linked similar items below, you can find my BASK toweling blazer here

Hope you enjoyed my closet tour as the next one will likely be quite a ways away!


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