I need to take more bubble baths... and I’m assuming most adults would agree! It's just so hard to get to them, because of time mostly, or at least my perception of it. It just seems like, dare I say, a waste of time? Like something I imagine myself doing in the middle of Nancy Meyer film, while I am contemplating between two eligible love interests. But it's not that I don't have the time, it's more my perception of time that gets me, the idea that I could be doing more “productive” things than healing my body, restoring my sanity, taking a break from technology. But when I do make it to the bubbles, the benefits are so worth it; resting sore muscles, calming my overstimulated mind, it’s a very peaceful moment that I forget feels so good until I am, quite literally, submerged in it. 

I always have these visions of spending long, luxurious periods of time bathing, but the reality is that it maybe lasts 5-10 more minutes than my showers, since I get used to the hot water and tend to overheat pretty quickly. This explains perhaps why in the 8th grade I took a bath every single morning. I most certainly don't get that opportunity now but I pretty much take a shower when I get home everyday or before bed to reset and settle in. So coming back to a beautiful bathroom in such a cool shade of grey instantly calms me, bubbles or not! 

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If I have a little more time on a Saturday night I will load up the tub with fancy soap, light a pretty candle and pour myself a glass of pink champs. I always have either a book or magazine to read but I usually end up just sitting there, trying to stay present and take in the moment of peace. That is until a certain little someone finds his way on in to join me, which isn't too big a problem... as long as he brings his own champs. 


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