We're in the midst of my favorite season, one I haven't been quite as able to fully embrace this year due to all the tasks I've had finalizing my wedding and our new home, but I somehow I am managing to find time to get back to my happy place, even if for just one evening. When a college friend of mine told me she was going to be in Los Angeles last minute, I took it as a an opportunity to slow myself down and get creative. So here we have one my of favorite tablescapes, thrown together fairly quickly, inspired by the magic that is the middle of summer. 

And it was a really lovely evening, we had pink champagne, watched the sunset and snacked on lots of veggies, nuts, hummus and olives. Arthur grilled chicken in a greek yogurt marinade and made his crowd pleasing spiralized cucumber, tomato and feta salad. And as you can see here I purchased a bunch of fruit tarts from a local bakery with an amazing selection of treats at really good prices, I might add. 

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Towards the end of dinner Arthur took Pierre outside, and I, selfishly, made him leave his phone with us so the music playlist could continue. About ten minutes after they left, we started feeling some rumbling, which I initially thought might be the music or some loud car outside. A few seconds later I asked the group, is the table moving? I quickly realized the earth was in fact moving and up on the 16th floor, it was unlikely we would be getting out safely before it ended. I was a bit panicked and my friend immediately found the nearest door frame and stood under it as the entire building swayed side to side. My friend's husband remained the most calm and hopeful, while my anxiety started spinning completely out of control. The worst thing about it was not being able to call Arthur and see where he and Pierre were, if they were okay, or trapped in an elevator. I felt this feeling of doom right before all these major life moments I almost took for granted. It metaphorically, and quite literally, shook me to my core. It was a intense reminder to stay grounded (again, literally) during a period in life in which I feel like I have been floating all over the place, trying to find my footing through everything currently going on. Still unsure of whether I feel "grateful" for this forced realization. At this point, I'm just happy to continue, and to have something beautiful to continue into. 

Eventually the shaking slowed and gradually stopped. We grabbed our cocktails and sat down on the sofa to process what had just happened. A few minutes later, Arthur and Pierre returned and I was never so relieved to see them come back to our home. It's safe to safe, I will never ask him to part ways from his phone ever again!

We all decided it would be nice to get outside and take a little walk with Pierre after the shake up. We ended up sitting at a very touristy but also very European style outdoor cafe. We had a drink and debriefed. We talked about how crazy it is that California has earthquakes, in addition to so many homes on hills. I reminded everyone that there is going to be another big earthquake at some point, to which we all just sat with. And I suppose that's all we can do, aside from the prep and dehydrated food in earthquake kits. Just enjoy life to its fullest and stay as grounded as possible, until the next time we are shook, or wake up from what felt like a midsummer night's dream!


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