Fashion never seems to stop and the recent shows this summer have been my preferred distraction lately. Despite having everything possible going on in my life right now, I have somehow carved out enough time to drool over all the endless fashion content on the Vogue Runway app, in between crossing off things from my to-do list and staying sane. Vogue Runway, formally, it's essentially an extension of Vogue magazine, focusing exclusively on all the designer shows. So anytime a designer is showing, whether it's runway or a collection presentation, Vogue Runway will have it covered with up to date, high quality images and articles. For me this level of fashion is dreamy art that can be at times utterly bewitching, inspiring, straight magic. Other times, very hard to connect with or understand. But the excitement for me, regardless, is seeing some of the most talented creatives of our time at work. It's no surprise I tend to fall hard for anything glamorous, ethereal, pastel, embroidered or embellished with bows, frills, all the THRILLS! My apologies for the cheesiness, I am officially running on empty! Enjoy all my favorites and maybe find yours too on Vogue Runway

{all images via Vogue Runway


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