There's nothing easier than a tunic... They are festive, colorful and easy; my instant wardrobe staple in warmer temps. I have always loved the silhouette; timeless, flattering on everyone. I've worn them as coverups, tops and dresses to the beach, barbecues, on boats and cocktail parties. I just can't seem to get enough! Tunics were considered fairly exotic before Tory Burch became one of the first designers to bring the tunic into western mainstream fashion. Since then, the tunic has remained an effortless symbol of style and many designers have created embellished, embroidered or just simple versions of the classic shape. More recently I've become obsessed with Sail to Sable for their extremely classic and clean designs in every imaginable color. A few of mine are from Caylpso St. Barth but unfortunately the stores are no longer. Fortunately for us, the brands might die but tunic will continue on forever as a classic ensemble for any summer or vacation related activity. These photos pictured are from my recent trip to Charleston, when I scouted this perfectly cool toned home and immediately pulled out this cornflower blue tunic to pick up the color. It's a lovely embroidered tunic by Tory Burch from a few years back. It's old but here's a link for it on Poshmark, where I found mine and many other great things! Of course I've linked a bunch of my favorites below that are ready to shop. Enjoy!


Photography by Gladyxa Mari

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