There's nothing easier than a tunic... They are festive, colorful and easy; my instant wardrobe staple in warmer temps. I have always loved the silhouette; timeless, flattering on everyone. I've worn them as coverups, tops and dresses to the beach, barbecues, on boats and cocktail parties. I just can't seem to get enough! Tunics were considered fairly exotic before Tory Burch became one of the first designers to bring the tunic into western mainstream fashion. Since then, the tunic has remained an effortless symbol of style and many designers have created embellished, embroidered or just simple versions of the classic shape. More recently I've become obsessed with Sail to Sable for their extremely classic and clean designs in every imaginable color. A few of mine are from Caylpso St. Barth but unfortunately the stores are no longer. Fortunately for us, the brands might die but tunic will continue on forever as a classic ensemble for any summer or vacation related activity. These photos pictured are from my recent trip to Charleston, when I scouted this perfectly cool toned home and immediately pulled out this cornflower blue tunic to pick up the color. It's a lovely embroidered tunic by Tory Burch from a few years back. It's old but here's a link for it on Poshmark, where I found mine and many other great things! Of course I've linked a bunch of my favorites below that are ready to shop. Enjoy!


Photography by Gladyxa Mari


I'm officially calling summer on Los Angeles; for whatever that means. The June gloom continues to linger but we've had a few mini heat waves and at some point the sun has managed to peek its stubborn head out in Santa Monica everyday for a few good hours. The summer for me has always been an exciting time, however, this one is full of major moments, my upcoming wedding being the biggest, turning 30 years old and being on the verge on completing our full condo remodel topping the cake that is summer 2019! So along with all this craziness going on, I'm letting myself breath in the most effective way. Online shopping. I've narrowed down quite a few of my lust worthy splurges into this mini summer staple guide. As you likely already know, I don't like spending a lot on fashion, hence my continued obsession with Forever 21 and Zara. However, there are a few things here and there that I consider an investment in my closet. These Celine tortoiseshell sunnies are the nicest sunglasses I have ever purchased and I have been so absolutely careful with them that I am starting have anxiety about loosing the case and therefore forgoing all protection possible, ruining my chances of keeping them longer than 6 months. I'd been eyeing them for quite some time, after my beloved Forever 21 thick rimmed glasses went missing, to which my friends said "oh the Celine pair" and I quickly realized how the fashion industry tends to work. Since then I have been very happy with the frame thickness, which as the salesman pointed out to me is 100% Celine and the classic tortoiseshell I will absolutely never tire of for the rest of my life, I am certain. I linked this exact pair, as well as some much more reasonable priced items below, in addition to the other summer things I am currently obsessed with. This dreamy Onia bikini by We Wore What, being my second best purchase yet. Enjoy!



Italy will always hold a special place in my heart. I studied the Italian language and culture for three years in high school and it was my minor as an ungraduate in college. I spent a semester abroad living and "studying" in Verona, Italy; which will forever remain my favorite place in Italy. Obviously my love affair started with the food, I could live on pasta, bread and cheese for the rest of my life if it didn't kill me and it's no surprise my love for Spritz, a drink I can honestly say I loved before it became so basic. Next love was obviously the beautiful language, then the movies and of course, the amazing Italian people, who are known for many things, the most important to me (next to pasta) being how to spend a summer well. Gray Malin has captured some of these moments perfectly through his photography series La Dolce Vita, a perfect set of inspirational images that will instantly make you lust for sun, Spritz and a colorful beach umbrella. When my fiancĂ© and I went to Positano I had to show him Gray's lovely series at the fabulous La Fontelina Beach Club to lure him into a day trip to Capri. Hint, hint- it worked- and he even said that it was his favorite beach club out of all the ones we ventured to in the South of France and Amalfi Coast. Next time I think I might just completely skip Positano all together and just venture to Capri and Ravello themselves, they are so beautiful! 

Gray Malin has been such an inspiring artist for my generation, the content he creates is effortlessly chic and timeless. He shoots at some of most well established swoon -worthy destinations for leisure and in some ways is the Slim Aarons of our time. So when my friend Adele invited me to a book signing for Gray's latest book, Italy, I was beyond thrilled. The signing was held at the perfect venue, Serena and Lily, the home store of my beach house dreams. We arrived to a lively little party with Gray signing books and an abundance of Aperol Spritz's to go around. After getting our copies signed we sat for a minute and went through some of the pages, a few of my favorites below. I immediately decided I must visit Lake Como, Sicily and the beach cities of Tuscany I somehow didn't think existed. Overall, It's a wonderful collection of Italian summer escapes and I am excited to have it on my coffee table! Enjoy. 

Gray's Italian Summer Inspiration