Mother's Day has always felt... like such a specific celebration since it's always been about just one person, my own wonderful mother. But this year in addition to cherishing my own, I'm also thinking about my soon to be mother-in-law and also the concept of motherhood that is starting to mean something new to myself and my peers. Many of the woman I am around are planning to become mothers soon or already are. This of course also makes me think about the many women who have or haven't shared their struggles with fertility or desire to become a mother but for a variety of reasons aren't ready or don't feel they have the support yet to embark on such an endeavor. It's also the first year I have really given some thought to what my journey might look like when I am ready to have children with Arthur, which is quite a shift in recent years! Regardless, however, of whether we ourselves are mothers or not, we all have experiences being in the presence of the amazing women who fill that role in some way, nurture our existence throughout some point in our life, or the majority of it. It's a wonderful way to honor each other's contributions and I am reminded that a mother's role is not only by those who give birth to us. There are so many people involved that don't fit the mold so to speak and in my career I have had the great pleasure in working with so many types of mothers; grandmothers, friends, sisters, aunts, nannies, caregivers, resource parents, house moms- the list goes on and on. This isn't to take away from our birth mother's celebration, just to include all the variations we are all so grateful to have. 

So much love, Happy Mother's Day!


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