Summer is coming... and this is one trend I will never tire of. The straw basket, whether embroidered, monogrammed or plain; I will TAKE IT! Take it everywhere, use it for everything, these baskets just add such a wonderful warmth to any setting or wardrobe. Summer is obviously their most popular season but I happen to use mine all year round, hence the little collection I've started. They are extremely practical, coming in so many amazing sizes and such a great range of price points. The majority of the baskets I have are from Etsy or Poshmark, which is a great place to find something more unique or personalized, for not a lot of money. I've linked a whole lot of Etsy finds that I love, most of which I seriously considered purchasing myself. Etsy also has a million monogramming options when it comes to straw bags, my very first being from Mariella Vilar's shop, which is now her own main website. They have become especially popular for bachelorette parties and I think they would also make wonderful gifts for friends. I'm not a big DIY person but I did upgrade the handles on one of my bags with some tropical beads I found at Micheals. So if you find something you love online that needs a small tweak, that's always an option. But for the rest of us who prefer the ease of online shopping, here's my roundup of all the best buys now. Enjoy!
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Top Etsy Finds

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