I've been searching far and wide... for a dress like this with THESE sleeves! I'm obsessed with the puffy, multi-gathered sleeve, which is actually called a a Marmaluke or Virago sleeve for anyone as obsessed with this style as me! As you might already know, I am always on a continuous, year round search for the perfect little white dress, a timeless staple in my closet and an item I don't think I will ever be done with. There is just nothing that can top a clean, white ensemble in my book; it's basically my version of the little black dress. And even though Labor Day hasn't happened yet, this is a perfect way to prepare ahead of time or just break the super lame and irrelevant rule. So the second I purchased this dress, I right away mentally packed it in my suitcase to Charleston. My sister and I went last weekend for a girls trip to celebrate my getting married this year and so wearing a chic white number was certainly in the cards. Unfortunately, the rain took over for the majority of our trip but I was able to shoot it in front of the most perfect home in Charleston with the lovely and extremely talented photographer Gladxia Mari! To top off the crisp white I added a chic headband I found in store at Forever 21 recently. I can't find the exact headband I purchased on their website, however, I figured I would link all the beautiful options given this amazing headband trend that I am so on board with at the end of this post! More to come on my trip to Charleston soon, enjoy!

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All photography by Gladyxa Mari

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