Aerin Lauder has remained a style icon... of mine for many years. She is one of those people who just has it, if that makes sense. And by it I suppose I mean she has a natural eye for beautiful things and places, a seamless sensibility that translates simply. That is perhaps my favorite style, effortless chic. So of course I’ve always admired her own products and made mental notes to visit her gorgeous boutiques in The Hamptons and Palm Beach. When I finally caught wind of her shop in Los Angeles, located of course on the very fashionable Melrose Place, I immediately made a visit a top priority. Once I arrived I was informed that the shop was in fact only a pop-up, making my trip there all the more special. I was extremely impressed, but not too surprised, that the space appeared permanent grade with beautiful decor and a stunning outdoor setup that I’d like to spend a whole afternoon at. The shop is a collection of Aerin’s pretty perfumes, candles and trinkets, with the welcomed addition of all her curated finds from other amazing designers. I love how easily everything she has collected for this shop comes together and it is easy to see how her relaxed, yet always upscale sensibility shines through. So if you are in the Los Angeles area before April is up, I highly recommend you pay a visit! I've linked some of my favorite online items from all the many retailers that carry her products-particularly the collaboration with Williams Sonoma that I still can't get over. Enjoy!

Some Aerin Favorites


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