Perhaps I’m being a tad dramatic... but this is big news beyond just moving back to my old neighborhood, which is only four miles away from Santa Monica where we live now. But exciting perhaps because we’re moving into a place that is officially our own. I’m extremely proud to announce that we bought a condo in Brentwood! This obviously calls for many celebrations, but I just feel extremely grateful to have had the privilege to own a small piece of this amazing city. The other part of me is just so excited for this process to begin coming into fruition as we embark on a full remodel of the space. The ink has dried on the paperwork and we are in the beginning stages of getting the place move in ready. As someone who appreciates beautiful design I am beyond excited to take part in this process. I have an extremely strong sense of my own personal aesthetic and the challenge will of course be finding a way to compromise. Hopefully I learn a lot and can offer some thoughts at the end about how to embark on a home build with a partner successfully! We won't be moving in anytime soon but I am eager to get back to my old stomping grounds and delve into another new chapter of life! Hopefully I can share some milestone moments along the way, I can't wait to see it all come together! So in honor of the move back to Brentwood, I’ve compiled a mini itinerary of what a day well spent back in the neighborhood I love looks like. Let me remind everyone that Brentwood is not a very 'happening' place and that's one of the main reasons I love it so much. Of course there are lots of amazing places to eat, workout and shop, but it's not somewhere people really go who beyond just the convenience of living in the small community. This is for me the major allure of living here, it's beautiful, yet quiet and small. So if you're visiting Los Angeles I highly recommend you check out my full LA Guide, which will have a lot more must-see spots while you're in town. But if life calls you to this little slice of the west side, just a few miles inland from the beach, just below the mountains, here are some ideas for how to spend your time. Enjoy!

A Day in Brentwood, Los Angeles
Start with a run or walk down San Vicente Boulevard (start on San Vicente and head west towards the ocean. Four miles to Ocean Avenue and four back, or loop around by heading south on 26th street and east on Montana Avenue, back up to San Vicente). Grab breakfast at New York Bagel, then walk down to Alfred’s Coffee and take a seat outside with all the other people in leggings with dogs and enjoy the nice weather or knock out some work. Freshen up and head to the Brentwood Country Mart and grab a good book from Diesel Bookstore and a latte from Caffe Luxxe. If you're hungry, grab some yummy fish tacos or fried chicken from the courtyard and peruse the lovely shops. For a fancier lunch/ brunch request a table in the atrium room at Tavern and save room for the homemade snicker bar dessert. Uber up the hill to the Getty Museum for the very best views of the city and some world class art collections. It's a wonderful place to bring a picnic and take in the Los Angeles skyline. If you're not too tired, head up Mandeville Canyon for a sunset hike (dogs welcome) or pamper yourself at the French Riviera inspired shop and vegan nail salon, Côte.  Grab a cocktail at Baltaire or Bar Toscana, grab dinner at Katsuya and head to The Brentwood for a nightcap and some entertaining people watching if you're not too tired yet!



{ pearl statement earrings from H&M in store }

Spring is full on happening here in Los Angeles. Mother Nature is not messing around and the rainfall has been nonstop for the last several weeks off and on. I'll admit I do secretly enjoy a rainy day here and there given the typical year round sunshine that I'm starting to miss now. But just like the rest of the world, the weather being unpredictable and the seasons changing (hopefully for the better) gives us all a new outlook on life and what we are wearing. So after perusing a few stores at the mall I found some amazing new statement earrings to switch it up. My love for a fun statement earring is no surprise, it's by far my favorite accessory and the bolder the better. The faux pearls pictured above feel like the perfect mix of modern and classic, and bonus points that they are clip-on to ease the weight on my ears. I also hit the jackpot with these adorable pineapples you'll see pictured below, they remind me of a beautiful heirloom broach, a perfect compliment to the green tortoiseshell acrylic palm leaves I found next in store at Forever 21. Almost every option I've selected in this guide has a great price point, which is one of the main reasons I love an accessory, it's an easy and economical way to reinvigorate my style, particularly when the seasons change. Spring is the season of new and these colorful little baubles don't disappoint. So go ahead and have a little fun, it might just attract some magical weather to match if we're lucky. Enjoy.  

{ beautiful interior images via HUE by Kelly Wearstler }




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