What's more romantic than... breakfast in bed? I've always tried my best to have one weekend morning start with some extra time to lounge in bed before starting my day. This is hard to do given that I have the best shot at working out on weekend  mornings, have brunch plans or simply have too many items on my to-do list to spend a couple hours in bed. But I have always done my best to make time for some leisurely coffee sipping, Pinterest pinning and magazine browsing whenever possible. It's a luxury, but perhaps the most enjoyable and least expensive of them all. So when thinking of ways to celebrate one of my favorite holidays with my special someone, an extended period in our delicious bed seemed like the perfect plan. Of course this is not an exact representation of what we will actually being doing on Valentine's Day, but I'll let it serve as a some dreamy inspiration, or just a good excuse to eat croissants in bed and drink pink champagne before noon. 

To start with the setup, having a tray that stands up is ideal! I linked mine at the end of this post, along with everything else. I highly recommend getting a standing bed tray for anyone who likes to work or eat in bed. I also regularly use it for our beach picnics, perfect for keeping sand out of your food. For the treats, I chose mostly brunch related items, like pastries, coffee con panna (espresso with whip cream) and fruit. But because I value brie and brut rosé so much I just couldn't resist including them in this celebration (and all others to be quite honest)Of course a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers naturally fit the tone for Valentine's Day and of course I hand selected them and arranged them by myself, a combination of pretty pink spray roses and pink carnations. Whole Foods did a great job wrapping the spray roses in paper, but I knew I'd be rearranging them later so I kept the pretty straw bow intact and put the larger mix back into it's original wrapping. I took a small bunch for my beveled old fashioned glass, which I honestly am starting to prefer as a weekly arrangement over a large bouquet because of how chic the combo looks on top of my desk and coffee table! Then I added a nice pink tapered candle in the same candle holders I used for my New Year's Eve table and let it burn for a while ahead of time so the wax looked extra romantic. I added a heart shaped cake in the mix which I made, hence it came from a box, that read Let's go back to bed in an unfortunately very close shade of pink to the pink frosting. The cake wasn't a total fail but if you have any intention of attempting this please try a thinner icing for the letters, with a stronger color contrast from the frosting! See all my links at the end of my post. Enjoy! 

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