Spring is coming... and as a lover of the seasons I just can't help but indulge in some beautiful images to inspire all kinds of dreamy thoughts about the path towards summer. It's this time of year (autumn as well) where I get a little annoyed at Los Angeles's consistency with weather. Not to complain but I do miss a few days of that drastic shift from an early cold morning to a warm and hopeful afternoon. We have the temperature disparities but we don't exactly have the same dewiness that I used to loathe growing up in Chicago. So instead of sounding more and more ungrateful, I will just end with this idea. It's the most romantic season of year, so take a long afternoon walk or bike ride, break out some colorful rain boots, try spending a few hours at an outdoor cafe, grab your favorite Spring season flowers, read a book from a different genre than usual, start to re-organize your spaces, whatever it is let it revitalize your love for the place we call home in the spirit of the newness. And if you can't experience the warmer temps just quite yet, bask in the dream here with all my favorite images of Spring. Enjoy. 

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