Lee Radziwill... recently passed but her effortless taste and simple elegance will forever live on into my fashion heart! She and her sister Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, have and will continue to remain as some of the most influential pillars of American fashion for not only myself but perhaps the majority  of women around the world. Often referred to as the less well known sister, Lee was often rumored to have been in competition with her sister Jackie. I watched a great documentary recently available on Netflix that goes into a bit more details about them both if you're interested here. I am also linking some great books about her style and life below. For any coffee table addicts like myself, the book LEE  is an absolute must have, where the photo above comes from. But regardless of the family dynamics, my connection to her, like many is just inexplicable admiration for how chic her outfits and interiors were. So I have complied a collection of my favorite images that will remain style inspiration for the rest of my life. Thank you Lee for giving us all so much excitement and glamour! Enjoy.  

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