Pretty in pink... is just scratching the surface here in terms of describing this beautiful new bakery at the new Palisades Village in the Pacific Palisades. Sweet Laurel Bakery has been one of the most notable brands specializing in dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and grain-free baked goods for quite some time. Selling in stores all over California and having a wonderfully beautiful selection of Instagram-worthy cakes and treats, has garnered lots of visibility. I highly recommend using or giving their aesthetically pleasing cookbook to anyone sensitive to gluten or dairy. I have given them as gifts several times and honestly would like one for myself just to be a little more healthy and make better stuff for my friends. Even as someone who isn't necessarily dairy or gluten-free, I was still very excited to eat something that would feel better in my body. And no matter what your dietary restrictions, everyone can benefit from avoiding refined sugar! So when Sweet Laurel  finally made a permanent mark by opening the most beautiful flagship storefront that has our eyes as happy as our settled tummies, my heart skipped a small beat. The space is as stunning in person as is it looks in pictures. A quaint little cafe decorated in florals, velvet, white marble and endless amounts of the prettiest shade of pink. It's a perfect spot to grab coffee and a slice of cake with a friend or pick up dessert for a dinner party, which I have already done now a few times. Most recently with my friend Samantha, who just as equally appreciates a gorgeous background to sit and hang out. Some hits not to miss there; the downright adorable rose tea latte, vegan carmel latte, the vanilla coconut jam cake (pictured below) and brownies. When you visit, make sure you grab some goodies to take home too, they have lots of baking products to use at home. The location is additionally perfect since it's part of the brand new, swoon worthy Palisades Village, with so many other cute shops and places to eat. And if you can't make it all the way to the Palisades, they have cakes and products you can order online, they ship nationwide. Enjoy!

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