When done right... leopard exudes timeless style and I consider it quite glamorous. However, I have always gone back and forth between whether or not leopard has become tacky or remains a perfect example of forever fashion. And I think the fashion industry has also wavered a bit over the years, as many trends do, particularly when people overdo it and we all need a short break. But this one always seems to come back into my closet fairly quickly, almost every other fall season. Like many, my love of leopard started very early on in my fashion history. Fashion history is a thing right? Like the history of my fashion choices since birth? If not, then I'd like credit for coining the term "fashion history." My strongest memories always go back to the beloved Fran Drescher character from The Nanny, a show I grew up on and can honestly attribute a large amount of my fashion confidence or just confidence in general to. Of course Fran wore leopard frivolously and it was representative of her strong personality, something I always admired about her. I too loved to wear the bold print growing up. I had leopard hats, purses, skirts, jackets. My favorite was a matching black skirt and jacket with faux fur leopard edges. It was adorable. But despite the many ways it has shown up in global fashion markets, I personally will always love a fur leopard coat. The style of prints I'm drawn to tend to change here and there, but I will always consider it to be really chic. Because it's so bold, I usually wear it over a cream sweater or white shirt, jeans and simple flats during the day, maybe nude pumps at night. Either way, I have linked a bunch of styles below at the end of this post, and how I wore it right here. Enjoy!

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Photography by Danielle Heinson 

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