Rest, relaxation, resort... This resort guide is one of my favorite things to put together, because vacation is always the best inspiration for me, whether I am on one or just dreaming of being transported somewhere tropical. Especially when the nights get colder and holiday buzz starts to fizzle, the idea of sunshine and a fruity cocktail has the power to reenergize me. So does sleeping in, reading a good book and basking in the luxury of a day with no responsibilities. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to explore a beautiful new place recently; Havana, Cuba. The city's architecture alone could serve as consistent inspiration for my style, interiors, dinner party settings and a perfectly bright and festive instagram profile, but the real inspiration for me was definitely the energy of the Cuban people. They were vibrant, warm and much less distracted by technology than any other non-American I have ever encountered. As I walked up to a beautiful church in the city center a man just started giving a few interesting facts about it, with absolutely no alternative intentions, just to offer a little education and then continue on his way. I got the sense that people just talk to each other because I suppose that's what humans were originally socialized to do before iPhones. I don't exactly know any other way to describe it but people really just appeared genuinely interested in one another and it was a really cool thing to see. Despite the fact that we were pretty busy exploring the city the majority of the time, I did feel very present sans internet which was a genre of R & R itself. So with that I leave you to it, to delve into some of my trip and the elements that inspired all these beautiful things. Enjoy! 

{ Havana, Cuba }

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