The fashion standout for the entire trip... was hands down my cigar purse. I swear I hadn't planned this for Cuba, I had purchased it off Poshmark at least a few months before we knew we were going and the second my fiancĂ©  said "we are going to Cuba," I said "well I have just the purse." I had just been thinking about bringing it to a cigar bar in Hollywood we were considering checking out, thinking how perfect that would be, but it was even better in Cuba. Many people there noticed it as I walked through the streets of Havana, despite one cab driver who quickly pointed out the brand of cigars was made in Nicaragua. He still thought it was cool too, however. I'll admit it wasn't the most spacious bag to carry around but pretty much everything except my camera fit inside it and it was 100% utilitarian from a fashion first perceptive. Like I mentioned before, I found mine on Poshmark, which has a wide selection. But I have also found a lot of nice ones on Etsy, this account in particular and linked a few of my favorites below. Enjoy. 


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