I'll admit, most guys are hard to buy for, so every time I make one for the men I am really making a list of things I'd like if I were a man, or basically just as a woman. And when I imagine myself as a guy, I am assuming I'm tall, dark and handsome, with a British accent. I also may have a cocker spaniel and like to wear trench coats and solve mysteries. Basically I am a very fashionable version of Sherlock Holmes. So take this with a grain of salt. A lot of people are not into getting things and therefore most of the men in my life usually get an experiential gift from me. Some great ideas are a helicopter ride, wine tour, cooking class, jazz concert, massage or golf day for anyone who you know hates getting material gifts. But I also see the holidays or birthdays as an opportunity to help guys expand their horizons so to speak, as many might want to be stylish, just don't feel comfortable spending too much time figuring out exactly how to do that. So it can go either way. My best advice is to maybe do a combination. For example, a nice bottle of scotch along with tickets to a fun concert or a beer tasting and then some monogramed glasses with the date you went on the tour or just your initials. Remember thoughtfulness counts the most. Except if you're an extra over achiever, and of course, I love to curate a list of the extra special gifts, and this one's no different. Enjoy.  

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