Oh so cozy, was how I felt in my yummy new teddy coat on the red-eye to New York. It was the only favorable part of the whole flight experience given I just cannot sleep on planes unfortunately. Like everyone else I have been seeing these coats everywhere, on everyone, and I finally decided I needed to be snugged up too, even in Los Angeles. And I honestly struck the jackpot with mine; it's super soft, very light, a beautiful shade of blush and was extremely low priced. So I have linked mine, as well as my other perfectly fluffy and plush options for all those chilly days ahead. I wore mine with a cozy turtleneck and jeans but it could be just as stylish over a dress or with a cute suede skirt and high boots. I haven't exactly worn mine out yet in Los Angeles but trust me, there will be plenty of moments to do so once the colder weather rolls in! Especially at night and after daylight savings makes 5pm feel like midnight! Stay warm folks, enjoy!
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