Perhaps the most important gift you'll give this season, if you love your pets the way I do, is a nice little treat for your furry family member. The secret is out, I got our frenchie Pierre this adorable Woof Clicquot dog toy so that he too can enjoy the splendor of brut rosé. Last year I gave Caillou, my family's toy poodle, the Grey Dog Bottle and the whole thing was a riot. My mom found the toy so funny, Calliou loved it and my sister Becky couldn't stop making references to Caillou becoming a full on alcoholic as a result. I found the toy in an adorable pet store on the Gold Coast in Chicago called Tails in the City but the brand that makes them has a whole array of hilarious toys referencing well known liquor bottles, designer handbags, Starbucks cups and the list continues. I have a few here on my guide but you can find most of them here. From this gift guide I can also attest to the lovely beach inspired blue and white striped monogram dog bed that I gave Pierre last year. It's adorable and comes in a few different colors. We also gave hime the beautiful toile blue and white dog dish but unfortunately his face was too flat to fit in the bowl without upsetting his skin so I'd just go a size up if you have a French bulldog. More ideas below, enjoy!

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