Let's just stay in... this was my favorite guide of them all to create because if I had to identify my favorite part of the holiday season it would likely be the time spent at home, cuddled up on the couch, by a warm fire, sipping a hot drink, reading or watching something great. I have lots of memories being a young kid in Chicago, staying in where it was warm and spending time with my family and friends. I loved the decorating, the baking, the books and the cozy pajamas. I loved watching Home Alone and Eloise at Christmastime at night while the lights from our menorah and tree dimly lit the room. I loved having our dogs snuggle next to me  on the sofa much more than attending parties, shopping or exploring all the holiday activities. So when I think about some gifts that truly embrace the holiday season I remember all the small Christmas shops my family used to pursue in this cute little town outside Chicago and how exciting it was to give or receive them. So this list has lots of ideas for anyone like me who enjoys the fun at home and likes to stay cozy! Enjoy!


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