MISTAH SHEFFIELD! If you instantly recognize this phrase or the townhome pictured above, then you too also must have spent some time loving the hit 90's series, The Nanny. I can still distinctly remember how exciting this show was in my household. We would all gather around and watch, and my sister and I were allowed those nights to stay up past 9pm. Of course we were both so young and so the majority of the jokes went right over our heads but the gist of Fran's character was more than just funny stereotypes of a Jewish woman from Queens, but really a study in what it was to hold true to yourself, your values, and where you come from. For us, Fran was more than just a Jewish female role model, who lived for a good deal on a two piece sweater set and a Jewish husband whose parents already lived full time in Boca. She was a confident, humble, bold woman who stood by her convictions, but could also laugh at herself. She uplifted others and brought a certain warmth that could only come from the most genuine place. She was willing to put herself out there and not settle for less because deep down she knew she had a good heart, in addition to being fabulous. She dressed boldly not for attention, but because it was an authentic expression of who she was and she wasn't scared to be herself. She was a fish out of water being thrust into the lives of a family from a completely different culture and history. And so for a young girl like me who didn’t exactly understand the punch lines, the amount of chutzpah she possessed was clear, and I too wanted to be my genuine self and let my confidence shine beyond any amount of hairspray. Fortunately I had the chance of meeting her a few years back and she continues to amaze me with her non-profit organization Cancer Schmancer which focuses on tackling the major health crisis with resources aimed at early detection, prevention and policy change. She has been at the fore front of fighting for other people after having experienced her own battle with cancer, another demonstration of how this woman's spirit continues to stay strong in the mist of adversity. 

So of course I couldn't help but check out the upper east side townhome they used for the show after my run and walk around the neighborhood. Even though they shot the entire show in Los Angeles, it was still pretty cool to get to see it in person! If you're interested in checking it out yourself, the address is 7 E 75th Street, New York, New York 10021. The townhome is divided up into several units now but still maintains quite the regal facade it always had. I definitely recommend talking a walk nearby in the neighborhood. Thank you Fran for being one of many great role models, your laugh will forever inspire me, just as much as it makes me smile.  


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