These are the details I live for... I was recently in New York and we quickly stopped for a glass of champagne at the cutest little French spot, Petite Boucherie. When we sat down at the bar and the waiter handed us a few menus I noticed the most adorable yellow tassel dangling from the menu. For most people, including the ones I was with, this is an easily overlooked and even seemingly unnecessary decorative detail. But for me, it's just another beautiful reminder of how the small things make all the difference. And the same goes for these adorable little pink tassel/pom pom satin slides I found recently! The pom pom detail just makes me melt it's so pretty and as much as I wasn't on board with the slide trend before, I have definitely come around over the last year. I remember how popular the pom pom and tassel trend was a few years back, but it's become one of my staples. I will always live for a small feminine detail, be that a bow, tassel, ribbon,  pearl, brooch or pom pom! Get them while they last, enjoy!


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