I love the Pacific Palisades for many reasons, most of them being the same reasons I love Brentwood. It's a beautiful neighborhood right at the upper edge of Los Angeles, on the water but not quite as much a beach town as Santa Monica, Venice or the Marina, mostly because it's perched up high into the Santa Monica mountains. The area is very quaint and reminiscent of any upscale suburb across the country. That is one of things I love most about Los Angeles, you can live in a relatively suburban area while also being in the center of a world class city. For most of my time in Los Angeles, the Palisades was relatively slow in having much to do beyond meeting your average needs. Of course they had a few good restaurants, shops and fitness classes, but for the most part there wasn't necessarily a reason to visit, which similar to Brentwood was why I found it such an appealing place to live. So when I first heard about the plan to build a large shopping area I was a bit surprised and even a tad worried it would change the beautiful mellow-ness of the area. But after having seen the Palisades Village fully executed I think they hit the mark perfectly. It's beautiful and new, yet also tasteful and small enough to feel like a truly neighborhood spot. The Palisades will never be West Hollywood or Venice in terms of attracting tourists and visitors but it will be a beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon and I think this new area really represents that!

Some of the spots at Palisades Village I am most excited about,  

1. The Draycott | If your were also a huge fan of the Bravo show Ladies of London than you probably remember Marissa Hermer, who along with her husband were successful restauranteurs, in addition to having exquisite taste. I loved Marissa's style and hostessing skills so much on the show and since she and her family moved to Los Angeles I had been wondering if and when they would open a chic new restaurant. And of course they did, right here in the Palisade Village, perfectly titled The Draycott with plenty of British inspired food and decor. The design alone is drool worthy and I can't wait to get myself a fancy drink at that bar! 

2. The Little Market | If you haven't already been following the amazing non-profit started by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla you now have an even easier way to support their work. They have had a fair trade online shop for years that allows female artisans to sell their products from around the world and improve their economical stability. They now have a brick and mortar store and I am already a huge fan. I recently went to pick up a birthday gift for a friend and was extremely impressed at the quality and concept they have brought to life. I really want to encourage anyone to support this kind of commerce and I really hope we start to see more fair trade shops like it in the next couple years. 

3. Chanel BeautĂ© | So I am not a huge beauty product connoisseur but I recently started using this wonderful concealer they make and was so impressed I am actually considering checking out their foundation. What can I say, I am a sucker for good marketing and so anything branded with Chanel will get my attention, but I also really loved their stuff. And of course the new store is perfectly setup to answer all your beauty dreams. 

4. Sweet Laurel Bakery | I had been really excited to try this completely gluten and dairy free bakery out for quite some time. I always saw it Erewhon Market and admired the beautiful goods on their instagram page but I had never actually tried any of their treats. Full disclosure, I didn't really like the snickerdoodle cookie, but I am eager to try another treat soon! I loved the pumpkin latte though and the store design was SPECTACULAR. All my pink dreams came true and can we talk about that velvet?? It makes me want a custom pink velvet sofa immediately but for now at least I have the perfect spot for an afternoon pick me up!

5. The Bay Theater | I will forever be a movie goer, will you? I love a small theater and I can't wait to find the perfect lazy afternoon to go see a movie by myself (yes, I love seeing movies solo). My only hope is they have almond milk so I can grab a vanilla latte with my popcorn (again, I am an interesting one right?). The five screening room theater is meant to have luxury services like on demand waiter service and a delicious full scope in theater menu. So hopefully that's a yes on the almond milk. 

6. Bonjour FĂȘte | A beautiful party supply is coming and I can't wait to have another spot for finding chic party decor. As you know I love all the small details when entertaining and it can be hard on the westside to find unique items beyond the basics at most party stores. They also create beautiful balloon arrangements for events and can assist in planning events too. Anyone else live for cute party supplies? 

7. Towne by Elyse Walker | As most people in Los Angeles know, Elyse Walker is a luxury boutique with a well curated selection of all the best designer goods. It's been a staple in the Palisades since it's inception in 1999 and has grown into an online shop and additional retail store in Newport Beach. Now they have created a more relaxed version for this location for all the in between, more causal moments we tend to embrace in Los Angeles. Considering all the high end workout gear we see most people in, wearing well cut denim and a nice cashmere sweater is glamorous enough for me (and also how I love to dress)


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