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I think New York City is now my favorite place in America to visit, Miami comes in as a close second. I would love to have an extended stay at some point, perhaps a month to fully feel like I have lived a little life as a pseudo New Yorker. Hopefully at some point I will get the chance to do this and perhaps replicate it in a few other destinations too; most importantly in London/Surrey so I can basically repeat the plot of the beloved seasonal classic, The Holiday. But for my time here in NYC, it was about living out the opposite life I have in Los Angeles, the excitement of a more fast paced vibe and lots of people being around each other doing things nonstop. It's the best of the best, delivered quickly and sharply. To me, living in New York seems like living in the center of the world. So many decisions and important people are here, creating and managing things that effect our daily lives, all over the world. I guess to me, everything in New York just feels so important. Perhaps that's just the perceptive of someone who has never actually lived there before and who just sees it glamorously portrayed in movies, television and reality shows. But it's the reason I have always wanted to experience the weight of such a big city and the reason I can't wait to head back again soon. And here's how I spent my time! Enjoy!

Thursday | We hoped off a red eye and of course our hotel wasn't ready to check into yet given the fact it was 7am so I changed into my workout clothes and went for a run in Central Park while Arthur got some work done. Running in Central Park was great, fortunately the weather was a perfect temperature and the park is massive. My only true disappointment was how green all the leaves still were, I was really hoping for some beautiful fall foliage given that Los Angeles is completely lacking compared to the east coast! But I still had a great time and despite being really jet lagged after failing to sleep at all on the plane I was energized by the workout. I think this is probably my best tip for traveling and fighting jet lag, a workout to reset your body, especially if you're used to going to the gym in the AM like myself. After that I perused around the Upper East Side and met Arthur for lunch at my favorite Sant Ambroeus, where I happen to be obsessed with their pasta dishes. I always envision it as one of the perfect spots for the ladies who lunch, but maybe it's just the spot where I want to lunch? After that we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before getting ready for drinks and dinner. We met my friend Mary at The Marlton Hotel, which was a great spot for grabbing a drink with a group. The lobby has lot's of great open seating at night with waiter service and a relaxed, cool ambiance. After catching up with my friend we headed to Il Mulino to meet some more friends for dinner. I can not say enough great things about Il Mulino! It's a small, old school Italian spot with the nicest staff and a really fun environment. I love restaurants where you feel like you're at one big dinner party and that is exactly what it was like. In addition to having delicious pasta, they also serve you tons of yummy things before you even place an order like various seasoned breads, cheese cut straight from the wheel at the table and other yummy appetizers. You truly feel loved with all the delicious food and excellent service. I would highly recommend! We went to the original location downtown but I heard there's another one in midtown Manhattan, the Hamptons, South Florida and Las Vegas. 

Friday | I started the day off with a fun photoshoot with a fabulous New York photographer, Wini Lao. We went to a bunch of my favorite spots to shoot on the Upper East Side and unfortunately didn't have enough time or enough fall colors to venture to Central Park. It was a really fun morning however and the pictures made me look like could potentially pass for a real city dweller. After that I hopped in cab back to the hotel, picked up Arthur and headed to Soho for brunch at La Mercerie. I can't say enough wonderful things about this adorable French cafe inside the Roman and Williams Guild store. First off, it was the most beautifully decorated restaurant I have seen in a long time, which says a lot considering how many amazing places I have been in Los Angeles. The colors were muted, grayish blues and I almost died. My favorite combination of monochromatic lacquer paint and velvet in a palish blue sent my heart through the roof. Then to top it all off with the most beautiful pink velvet drape and I AM DEAD! My poor fiancĂ© probably re-considered his proposal several times after I couldn't stop taking pictures and drooling over how perfect the decor was. After a yummy brunch we headed into the beautiful store area to browse some of the goods. The style is not exactly my taste but everything appeared pristinely made and very unique. After that we strolled through the streets of Soho, popped into a few shops and admired the famous architecture that defines the neighborhood. We then decided to hop into a cab and venture around the Met before dinner. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite Museums ever, I wish we had more time to explore every exhibit but I was able to catch the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination presentation at the Anna Wintour Costume Center, which was set to close following our stay. The pieces were extremely ornate, I can't imagine the amount of work that must go into so many beautiful details. We checked out the American Wing and Egyptian Art before having to head back to our hotel and get ready for the evening. We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Polo Bar which if you didn't already assume is a beautiful restaurant designed and run of course by the classic American lifestyle brand, Ralph Lauren. I love this place for so many reasons, but most of all because it's an experience. As someone who truly appreciates all the small details, I love to feel completely transported by my environment. As you might imagine, the vibe at the Polo Bar is that of a old school men's club or hunt lodge. In many ways it leans a bit more masculine but it's also classic American decor and I completely appreciate the entire ambiance of the place! I would highly recommend going in New York and if you are in Chicago they have the RL Restaurant at their Michigan Avenue Ralph Lauren store. After dinner we grabbed a drink at the champagne bar at The Plaza Hotel, which to be honest, is a fabulous hotel but I expected more from the actual bar. The Plaza is a New York staple and as a woman who grew up following Eloise's adventures, I think both the adult version of her and myself would expect greater things from the champagne bar! Afterwards we had a cocktail party to attend at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which I actually stayed at before and would recommend if your really into the gothic design! 

Saturday | I woke up excited for another run in Central Park and fortunately was given the gift of good weather again. Afterwards I grabbed a latte at the coffee bar at Sant Ambroeus and took a short walk around the Upper East Side, admiring all the spectacular townhomes and beautiful shops on Madison Avenue. I couldn't help but stop at the townhome that served as a the opening shot in The Nannya beloved show I watched as a child religiously. All the homes on the Upper East Side are so gorgeous and if I lived in NYC I imagine walking around the neighborhood with my coffee, post Central Park run, would be a solid routine for me. After getting back to the hotel we showered and headed out to meet some friends for lunch before the wedding. We went to this wonderful little spot in Greenwich Village called Claudette, which I will be honest, was sold on after seeing the adorable blue awning out front. But it was a yummy brunch spot and I'm eager to try the dinner menu out next time. Afterwards we grabbed a glass of champagne at yet another adorable little French place, Petite Boucherie. After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a spectacular wedding at the New York Public Library and it was truly a dream event! See what I wore here. Can't wait to get back to NYC again! 

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