It's starting....If you're a longtime Gisele Chic reader (god bless you and I am willing to give you my first born I'm so grateful) you may notice some familiar fall inspirational images here. And that's just the reality, some of these images I truly believe will stand the test of time and ALWAYS get me excited for all the wonders of autumn. I see a chunky cream sweater and instantly I feel all the feels; chilly afternoons made better with apple cider scents and houndstooth wool coats. Fall is essentially the very beginning of the holiday season, when all the festive fun starts and people get back into their traditions. The changing of seasons is always such a great change, because it's one we are so familiar with. It's the new but also the old and I find it so comforting and yet exciting at the same time. I guess it's reminder that we can hold on to what we love while also getting the opportunity to start anew. And so seeing (or dreaming of) the changing colors is like the appetizer before the feast and I've rounded up all the top hors d'oeuvre. Enjoy! 

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