The easiest way to decorate a table... is with these little retro prints I found online! They are both memorable and super economical. My very good friend Emma just left Los Angeles to our hometown of Chicago to start her next chapter and so of course we couldn’t let her leave without a proper send off. If you’re not familiar, Emma and I moved to Los Angeles together, right after finishing college to start our adult lives. It was a big undertaking but also an exciting one, which included many new friends, jobs, bad dates and tons of random adventures in between. But like many periods of time in life, they often come to a close so that a new one can begin. Saying goodbye is quite the task but that is perhaps why I don’t say goodbye, because for me it’s always see you later. So instead of loading the table with plastic palm trees and Botox vials (KIDDING- but also what a great idea for my upcoming 30th omg), I printed all these little memories out in tangible form. I know Emma already has access to all these pics but there’s something special these days about a picutre you can hold in your hand. They had the option to write a little message on the bottom and so I used some as place cards with our friends names on the one on their plate and the rest just said “LA memories.” We had a fun time choosing ones to take home, it would make such an easy and fun gift. Obviously the cake was mine and Emma’s favorite marble cake from Susie’s. I actually have to give her credit for finding it. This is the fifth one I’ve ordered this summer! 


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